Directory Of Academic Research Journals (DOARJ), is an independent organisation run by scholars mainly in the Asia, UK, USA, and Canada. The Centre consists of both researchers in specific fields and multidisciplinary researchers of long-standing and emerging knowledge. The number of outstanding researchers at DIRECTORY OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH JOURNALS has contributed to a wide range of research and development interests.

The members of the Directory Of Academic Research Journals (DOARJ) want to foster interdisciplinary as well as international perspectives on the various research areas that they engage with, such as business and management, engineering and technology, health, and humanities and social sciences. To this end, several new international journals were founded by the Centre, with the aim of fostering international research projects and disseminating multidisciplinary research.

As DOARJ continues to grow, it now delivers support and services to researchers and teachers in the UK, and around the globe. Directory Of Academic Research Journals provides a variety of programs to support and promote education, research development, and scientific publishing in partnership with research organisations, universities, international institutions and research agencies.

The DOARJ is an IT firm delivering IT supports to education professionals and research institute around world.

Mission statement of DOARJ


In partnership government, community organizations, and education related foundations, Directory Of Academic Research Journals offers a variety of programs and activities to promote education development, international collaboration, including

  • IT & Hosting support for scientific publication and customer relation management (CRM).
  • Logistics and even management support for academic projects (conference, workshops, educational consulting services etc).

To learn more about Directory Of Academic Research Journals IT support for academic activities, please email us at: contact@doarj.org