Hamidi, Faris., Hakim, A., Leksono, A. S., and Yanuwiadi, B.


Public schooling has different levels of education system. Levels of education refers to stages in education that is based on student’s achievement of the learning objectives. Education plays a significant role for human resource development. Education is a mean for government to strive for environmental sustainability through teaching and learning process in school. The principal’s policy in terms of appreciation also has influence on teacher’s performance. The aim of this study is to analyze and to discuss Curriculum Management, Personnel, Student Affairs, Finance, Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance, Managerial Competence as well as its attempt on preserving Adiwiyata school. The major approach of this study is a survey research, a research that selects the sample of respondents from a population by giving some questionnaires. In addition, this study is an empirical study using causality test to explain the influence among variables through hypothesis test. In conclusion, the result of calculation using SEM analysis approach shows that Curriculum Management, Student Affairs, Finance, Facilities and Infrastructure in Adiwiyata school in Kapubaten Jombang have influence on creating Adiwiyata school, as well as school sustainability.


Keywords: Educational Management, Adiwiyata, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)

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