Sukirman, Anna Sutrisna., Rastina Achmad and Dedy Abidin Syamsinar


This study aims to examine the effect of time pressure, budget information framing, responsibility and intrinsic motivation in making investment decisions with group-shifting as moderation in regional companies. This study examines three conditions and time pressures that might influence whether a group’s decision tends to take risk or avoid risk: (1) preparation of alternative decisions, (2) level of responsibility for decisions related to previous investments, and (3) rewards given for the success of certain projects. This study uses experimental studies, i.e. experimental designs in 2 x 2 subjects by providing scenarios in decision making. Participants in this study were 20 regional company employees working in regional companies. Before conducting experiments on real participants, it is necessary to test the validity and reliability of research experiment instruments through trials towards accounting students who already have work experience on the experimental instruments used in this study. The analytical tools used to test hypotheses are paired sample t-tests and MANOVA. The results show that there is a significant influence of decision making taken differently when information is framed positively or negatively especially under conditions of time pressure and when rewards are given for the success of projects carried out by regional companies


Keywords: time pressure framing, information, intrinsic and group-shifts

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